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Meiji Almond Chocolate Advert

December 2002 sees the next installment of the Beckham blitz, when he'll be filmed rolling a chocolate around in his hand before popping it into his mouth, according to Kinya Murakami of Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd.

Whose top-selling Almond Choco will be melting in Beckham's hands and hopefully melting the hearts of Japanese consumers.

"Our concept was to film him in his natural state," Murakami tells Aera.

Meiji has been successful, sort of, in ways that nearly all other Japanese companies can only dream of. After Beckhamania swept Japan in summer, advertising giant Dentsu Inc.
Alone received inquires from about 30 companies from cars to soda to food to clothes to beauty clinics to cosmetics companies seeking to have the Manchester United midfielder to promote their wares.

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